ZPK35 frame shaft disc filter working principle

The frame shaft disc filter comprises a tank body, a frame spindle, a filter disc, a spindle water tube seal device, a stripping device, a washing device, a discharge screw, an upper cover, a transmission device and a control system.

working principle of ZPK35 frame shaft disc filter

The frame disc filter filter disc is composed of a plurality of fan-shaped plates of the same size and equal area. The fan-shaped plate is suspended and mounted on the frame main shaft of the filter. When the device is in operation, each piece enters the filtered state of the fan-shaped plate filtrate outlet. At the lowest position.

During the working process, with the running of the main shaft, the pulp suspension enters the tank through the feed tank. When the sector plate is below the liquid level, there is a liquid level difference inside and outside the fan-shaped plate. Under the action of the liquid level difference, the slurry is in the slurry. The water enters the fan-shaped plate through the filter screen covering the outside of the fan-shaped plate, and flows through the filtrate passage of the hollow rotor arm to the turbid filtrate zone, the clear filtrate zone and the ultra-clear filtrate zone at both ends of the tank body, and then flows out through the corresponding pipes of the respective zones, and the slurry flows out. The material is intercepted by the filter to achieve separation of the slurry.

When the fan-shaped plate is turned out of the liquid surface, the suction effect formed by the liquid level difference does not disappear immediately, and the slurry layer on the filter screen is continuously dehydrated, and the concentration continues to increase. The spindle continues to rotate, the suction effect formed by the liquid level difference disappears, and the sector plate enters the stripping zone. The slurry layer on the sector plate falls off under the dual action of the gravity and the fan-shaped water jet sprayed by the stripping nozzle, and enters the space formed by the main shaft of the frame and the sector plate without any obstruction through the space between the two adjacent sector plates. The wide internal space is collected in the slurry collection tank and conveyed to the receiving pipeline by a screw conveyor. When the filter disc is rotated to the washing area, the net is washed by the swinging washing nozzle, and the filtering capacity is restored, and then the next filtering cycle is entered. As the filter disk continues to rotate, the sector plates are in different zones, creating a continuous filtering effect.

frame shaft disc filter

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