China's Pulp and Paper Equipment Manufacturing Industry Innovation and Development

Regrettably, there are so many world-leading technologies or core technologies in China's paper industry, such as RDH rapid heat displacement cooking technology, ITC isothermal cooking technology, oxygen delignification technology, elemental chlorine bleaching technology, dilution water headbox technology, Floating sheet type hydraulic headbox technology, shoe press technology, etc. These are not invented by China, indicating that our pace of innovation in the manufacture of pulp and paper equipment is still slow, and equipment manufacturing technology still lags behind many developed countries. country.

Thoughts on cooking technology for grass fiber raw materials

Compared with wood fiber raw material pulping technology, the gap between grass fiber raw material pulping technology is very large, and our research and development investment is also insufficient.

The grass pulp fiber raw material pulping technology is backward, on the surface it is the backwardness of equipment technology, but the essence is that the equipment R&D and process research and development cannot be deeply integrated and effective collaborative innovation is carried out on this basis.

The hammer mill is used instead of the lawn mower to optimize the preparation process. The removal rate of non-fibrous cell impurities such as film, ear and sheath in the tablet is improved, and the silicon content brought into the cooking waste liquid is thus reduced. The use of displacement cooking will be more conducive to reducing the viscosity of the liquid in the cooking pot, and strengthen the full contact and uniform chemical reaction between the cooking liquid and the tablet to ensure the cooking quality.

Reflections from the dilution water concentration adjustment technology of paper machine

The traditional method of adjusting the bending deformation of the lip and the dilution water pulp concentration adjustment technology are two different methods for quantitatively adjusting the paper sheet banner. Because of the different principles, the former is the headbox terminal control, and the latter is the head of the headbox. Control, so the results are quite different. Although the final page banner quantitative deviation is basically controlled, the fiber orientation inside the sheet is different. Adopting the method of adjusting the concentration of dilution water, focusing on the concentration adjustment in the narrow range of the paper machine (the current 50-60mm has been achieved), it has little influence on the flow of the adjacent part, so the whole paper machine is horizontal Paper or paperboard with better fiber orientation distribution and more uniform formation can be obtained.

pulp and paper making equipment

In recent years, China has made many outstanding achievements in the quantitative adjustment technology of paper machine dilution water-type paper banners. On the basis of absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technology, it has continuously improved and innovated and developed many "Chinese version" products. Not only does it have a certain market in China, but some products are also sold abroad. However, we still need to clearly understand that it is important to take the road of introduction, digestion and absorption, but it is not a long-term solution. Original innovation is the core of innovation and development, and is the only way for China to move toward a strong papermaking country.

Inspiration from paper machine shoe press technology

According to the principle of sheet press, increasing the line pressure helps to reduce the water content in the web, but increases the tightness of the sheet and the risk factor of crushing. Therefore, people have proposed the idea of ​​extending the width of the nip, especially for some wet paper webs with higher quantitative or fluid flow resistance, that is, the flow control type of press, thus giving birth to the large roll diameter wide nip press. The technology has a pressure roller diameter of 1500 mm or more and a nip width of about 250 mm. However, due to the problems of machining, easy wear of the roll rubber layer, and sealing, lubrication, and abrasion on the transmission side, this press technology has not been widely used, and is replaced by a shoe press that is currently widely used. technology.

The shoe press technology involves many fields such as mechanical manufacturing, special fabric processing, hydraulic control, and electrical control. The commercial application of this technology is the result of multidisciplinary cross-integration and multi-field collaborative innovation. Through this technology, can we comprehend the carrying capacity and R&D investment of some of the technology R&D platforms. Over the years, we have always attached importance to and emphasized collaborative innovation. However, to a certain extent, the results are still more in the form, and there is no real integration. At the same time, there is still a phenomenon of quick success.


Innovation and development is a systematic project, not a one-off event. Need to have an appropriate research and development platform, a high-level R & D team and a suitable operational management mechanism, and then sink into the heart to study hard and work hard. I believe that in the near future, China's pulp and paper equipment manufacturing industry will surely achieve rapid development, making the world look impressive.


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